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We Retread Truck Tyres

We apply new tread to finished truck tyres to replace the worn out. tread.

We supply New & Retread Truck Tyres

We have different sizes to fit all trucks. We supply new, second hand & retread truck tyres.

Punctures and Vulcanizing

Nail holes and section repairs, and vulcanizing for chemical hardening.

Salvaging of tyres

To do our fair share of environmental care we retrieve and preserve tyres to prevent loss, waste and environment damage.

Retread Truck Tyres since 2008

"Our journey began with a simple idea of reducing truck tyre maintenance costs"

We have been customer driven since 2008 and are committed to honesty, integrity, excellence and end-user satisfaction.


Properly maintained and cared for retread tyres will provide almost the same amount of service as new tyres, and will last as long as about 75% the duration of the same size new tyre. Due to casing conditions retread footprints may be smaller and narrower than a new tyre and often start with lesser tread depth.

Retread tyres are as safe as new tyres. The adjustment percentages of retread tyres are almost the same as with new tyres. The only cause of decrease in safety has been proven to be due to underinflated tyres or bald tyres, properly maintained retread tyres do not cause any accidents.

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"We are committed to consistently strive to improve in all our activities...

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